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Posted 2 years ago

No Insanity

Workout : Legs & abs at the gym. I didn’t realize, but I hadn’t worked with free weights in about 6 months. I did a quarter of what I normally would do and I’m already dying. I’m so pumped to start “two a days” and get my ass back. Also, I’m officially on payroll as a personal trainer :) Now if only I could get a hold of my first client so we can start..

Food :

Breakfast : Rushed to work, ate like 4 or 5 strawberries and 2 sips of nasty soup

Lunch : Pad kee mao and a glass of sweet tea

Dinner : Turkey sandwich with spinach, onion and provolone and watermelon !

BTW * I weighed myself today for the first time in months. I was a little disappointed to see 128. I’ve gained a few pounds. But it’s funny because when I look at myself in the mirror I feel like I’ve lost weight. I love my body! And I’ll love it even more once my abs poke through.

Posted 2 years ago

Insanity Day 24 : Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Workout : Since I was rudely woken up this morning at 5am I got my workout in before 7am and then immediately had to get ready for a 12 hour work day.

Food stuff :

Breakfast : Strawberry honey Greek yogurt with a hand full of black berries, sliced strawberries and a handful of kashi honey toasted oat cereal mixed in

Lunch : Shrimp poboy, watermelon and strawberries and a coffee drink OH and I had like 4 sips of Dr. Pepper

Din din : A yummy, healthy turkey sammie on whole grain thin bread with spinach a little onion and provolone and less than a handful of kettle salt and pepper chips


Posted 2 years ago

Insanity Day 22 : Plyo Cardio

Workout : Kicked my ass, of course.

Food Intake :

Breakfast : 2 pieces of multi grain thin bread toasted with blackberry fruit spread

Lunch : Turkey bacon, 1 egg, 1 slice of cheese on toasted multi grain thin bread and healthy homemade banana ice cream

Dinner : 1 bite of blackened tilapia with mango salsa and a beef salad

After work : A few bites of bbq tofu nachos and a few martinis (coworker’s going away get together before she moves home to Thailand)

Posted 2 years ago

Insanity Day 18 : Cardio Recovery

Workout : I did Pure Cardio and Cardio abs instead since I was sick yesterday and skipped it.

Food Intake :

Breakfast : Strawberry honey Greek yogurt with sliced bananas, pecans, almonds and cinnamon, 4 strips of turkey bacon, scrambled eggs with salsa, red pepper, spinach, mushroom and red onion and organic chai tea. (see previous post for picture)

Lunch : 1 piece of toast with avocado and a fried egg, 1 Abita strawberry beer (with my mumz)

Dinner : I was slammed at work and didn’t have time to even make myself a glass of water.  So no dinner :(

Conclusion : I’m so sleepy!! And only eating twice today has made me blahh, although I’m really not hungry anymore. What’s crazy is I’m more bloated since I haven’t eaten than when I over eat. Bedtime!

Posted 2 years ago

Insanity Day 16 : Plyo Cardio Circuit

Workout : I haven’t sweated this much the whole time I’ve been doing Insanity. phew!

Food intake :

Breakfast : Breakfast burrito

Lunch : Chicken sandwich (not the healthy kind)

Dinner : Broccoli & rice, lemon/lime water, strawberry shortcake (compliments of my mother)

Conclusion : Yay for grocery shopping!!! I’ve been up since 6am. I feel like a zombie. Goodnight.

Posted 2 years ago

Insanity Day 15 Progress Picture

Let’s hope I have some abs and definition in my arms by next progress picture day!

Posted 2 years ago

Insanity Day 15 : Fit test

Workout :

Switch kicks : 85

Power jacks : 53

Power knees : 87

Power jumps : 46

Globe jumps : 11

Suicide jumps : 17

Push-up jacks : 21

Alternating knees : 58

+ 2 mile jog and about 5 minutes of sprints (I’ve been out of the running game for about 5 months. ugh!)

Food Intake :

Breakfast : 2 pieces of almond butter toast with bananas, blueberries and cinnamon on top, 1 cup of throat coat tea

Lunch : Spinach salad with pecans, almonds, red peppers, red grapes and sesame ginger dressing and a handful of chips. Lots and lots of lemon water

Dinner : 1 thin slice of meatloaf

Conclusion : I need a car asap so I can go grocery shopping. I’m sooo hungry!

Posted 2 years ago

Insanity Day 14 : Rest

Workout : Rest day? I did cardio Abs since I didn’t do it yesterday and an easy 3 mile bike ride to scope out a field to start doing sprints at.

Food Diary :

Breakfast : Sleep

Lunch : 2 egg whites, scrambled with red peppers, asparagus, spinach and a pinch of Parmesan cheese and a glass of throat coat tea with lemon

Snack : Almond butter toast with slices of banana and cinnamon on top

Dinner : Nothing

Posted 2 years ago

Insanity Day 13 : Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Workout : Can’t lie, I kinda half assed it today. I only did the warm up twice and did my own stretches before and after. I’ve also decided to just wait and do Cardio Abs tomorrow on my “rest” day. I have had absolutely no energy lately. I feel like a sloth and today has been a long day..

Food Diary :

Breakfast : None (I didn’t wake up till lunch time)

* I realized when I woke up this morning that I was out of food. Especially breakfast food. So my baby brother and I walked to my mom’s work to borrow her car (I just recently moved home from Portland, OR so I’m currently without car) so I could run a few errands and go get groceries. Of course, before I even got to the grocery store my mom’s car broke down in the ghetto of Memphis nonetheless. My brother and I sat there for a few hours before my mom showed up with her mechanic friend. So I finally got to eat lunch around 4:30. *sighs*

Lunch : Vegan curry tofu and a cookies and cream ice cream sandwich (go ahead and judge..)

Dinner : A small portion of my mom’s broccoli casserole with an Abita strawberry lager ( I wanted a drink after this long day. ) 

Posted 2 years ago

Insanity Day 11 : Cardio Recovery

Workout : I started by doing Pure Cardio to make up for the other day of not doing it. Then did Cardio Recovery and P90X Abs. I think I’m dying.

Food Intake :

Breakfast : 1 bowl of island vanilla kashi cereal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and 2 hand fulls of blueberries, 1 piece of multi grain sandwich round, toasted with almond butter, half a glass of orange juice, 2 cups of throat coat tea

Lunch : Spinach salad with strawberries, blueberries, pecans, almonds and sesame ginger dressing

Dinner : I had a few pieces of a philly roll (sushi) and a small bowl of Pad Kee Mao and like 3 gushers, compliments of my kid brother.

*After work I went and had a drink with a friend and had 1 glass of Pinot Noir.

Note : I know log beverages very often. I drink water all day everyday. Anytime I do not I will log it.

Have a good Friday the 13th :)

Posted 2 years ago

Insanity Day 9 : Pure Cardio

Workout : Another day I didn’t do it. ugh! Spent 3 hours getting my hair done and then went to work. I feel hella jiggly and that’s not okay. Picking back up and pushing as hard as I can for day 10.

Food Diary :

Breakfast : 2 pieces of toast with blackberry fruit spread topped with kiwi and a glass of orange juice

Lunch : Asparagus topped with 1 over easy egg and pan cooked potatoes

Snack : A few bites of random Thai food at work

Dinner : Guacamole and a mushroom quesadilla. 

Note - I’ve been forgetting to log my progress before bed so Day 9 was suppose to be yesterday. I’ll be beasting out for Day 10 today.

Posted 2 years ago

Insanity Day 7 : Rest

Workout : Rest day, but I ended up doing Insane abs and running half a mile. oopz!

Food diary :

Breakfast : Honey & plain Greek yogurt mixed with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, cherries, bananas, almonds and pecans. (my version of a fruit salad that I made yesterday for Easter)

Lunch : 1 piece of ham and 2 deviled eggs

Dinner : Chicken sandwich with 1 cup of sweet tea (gotta love living in the south)

Conclusion : I feel like a lard ass today.

Posted 2 years ago

Insanity Day 6 : Plyo Cardio Circuit

Workout : On 4 hours of sleep, this suckkkked!

Food diary :

Breakfast : 1 bowl of island vanilla kashi cereal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk

- The rest of the day will consist of random small portions of family cooked holiday food. My tweaks are thrown in here and there, but they get offended when I don’t eat their food.

  • I plan on doing the 100 workout before bed. 

I hope you all have a good Easter :)

Posted 2 years ago

Insanity Day 5 : Pure Cardio

Workout : Ay yi yi. At one point during the last part of the suicide drills I was almost certain that my legs had become incapable of working, but I rested for an eight count and pushed through.

Food diary :

Breakfast : 1 bowl of island vanilla kashi cereal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Lunch : 1 poached egg over asparagus with pan cooked potatoes, sprinkled with a pinch of Parmesan cheese

Dinner : Chips and dip

Conclusion :I know, I know. Eat more and clean. I find that I struggle most at night time. Especially when I’m bored.

Any suggestions as to how to fight this?

Posted 2 years ago

Insanity Day 4 : Cardio Recovery

Workout : I really enjoyed the cardio recovery. I had so much energy afterwards.

Food diary :

Breakfast : 2 eggs scrambled with 1 small red potato, a handful of spinach, slice of chopped onion, 2 slices of chopped bell pepper, 1 cup of breathe easy tea

Lunch : 1 salad roll, 1 sushi roll, a glass of thai tea

Snack : girl scout cookies (my mom has a case full of like 12 boxes of these things. ugh!)

Dinner : Caribbean salad and a few bites of an oreo molten cake from chili’s